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751 Still Says No AND Rosie's Machinists 751

Solidarity Rally - Jan. 2 at 4 p.m. Seattle Union Hall, 9135 15th Pl. S.

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What Buffenbarger Forgets to Mention

International President Buffenbarger’s letter should infuriate all of us at 751. No mention of concessions, but he states $1 billion was added to the previous offer. Gains? How is that possible? Don't be Buffenbarger'ed!

The company still proposes the following (but no mention of these concessions in Buffenbarger's letter):
- our out-of-pocket healthcare premiums increase 10% each year
- Selections plan goes from 100% to 90% coverage
- co-pays double; annual deductible nearly doubles
- worst of all the company can decrease benefit levels without negotiations to avoid the Obamacare excise tax. The proposal members will vote on is only guaranteed to cover less by the end of the 10 long year agreement.
- Pensions are frozen giving us at least 2/3rds less in retirement benefits
- Boeing eliminates a proposal to destroy current wage progression and Buffy says this adds $744 million to the new offer by simply keeping it the same as the current contract (a six year progression).
- the company will threaten job loss to justify taking every last piece of meaningful contract language we have.
- not one piece of language would ever rise to a level of importance that we would ever fight to keep.

And our so called Union Chief IP Buffenbarger calls this a 1 billion dollar improvement. In what universe is this concessionary contract proposal an improvement? The only honest thing Buffenbarger said was that it was a proposal.

Buffenbarger claims that he trusts the membership. Well then why doesn't he trust the membership with the truth? An honest assessment would tell both sides; both the good and the bad. It seems that Buffenbarger is not capable of honesty. If he was, then you would see the numbers from IAM Strategic Resources on the increases in medical costs, the decreases in retirement contributions, the decreases in medical benefit levels.

If Buffenbarger was honest, you might hear him talk about how many generations of members struggled to gain the very benefits he won't even acknowledge you will be losing.

Listening to Buffenbarger you would think that our contract suddenly went from the strongest in the aerospace industry to nonexistence where we now begin from scratch with nothing - a clean slate where our previous contract successes born from blood, sweat, tears and determination, strikes, and struggles never existed.

The truth is that we don't have to start from scratch. We have a contract and simply voting No preserves everything in place. If accepting this is somehow a 1 billion dollar gain, then voting No must be worth 10 billion if you use Buffenbarger Math.

It's no too late. We don't have to be the next District to be Buffenbarger'ed into a bad contract.

We can survive only if we tell Boeing and Buffenbarger that we are smarter than they give us credit. We will not fall for the threats, intimidation, and now lies.

Vote No and preserve the pension and medical benefits that we and those who came before us fought to obtain.

International Forces Vote at 751 - NO MEANS NO - We Have a Contract

Ignoring the recommendation of our local elected leadership, the “International” sided with Boeing (as they have throughout this messed up process) and announced it will force a vote on the destructive proposal containing only minor revisions from the proposal we resoundingly rejected in November. If passed, it will destroy our pension, our health care and stagnate wages for all.

Our leaders at 751 are standing strong, but the International forced it to a vote by exercising their supreme authority.

The move reinforces that the International is trying to dilute our solidarity. It is no coincidence the vote is the Friday after New Years, when a maximum number of members are on out of town taking advantage of the time off. Also it is not a coincidence that it is during the holidays? Haven’t we all had enough of this already? We have a contract in place through 2016.

District 751 leaders argued that the forced vote SHOULD NOT BE ON JAN. 3rd because of how many members will not get to vote. Yet Buffenbarger and Michalski demanded the vote on the 3rd because they don’t want us to vote.

Announcing a vote one day before the holiday break and scheduling the vote the day after the holiday break will minimize the opportunity for us to talk with co-workers, hear from 751 union officials and get answers to our questions. The International insisting on a January 3rd vote is a calculated move that reeks more of a union-busting firm than a cry for democracy to let people vote. The less time for solidarity, the more likely the fear and intimidation can sway members to accept concessions and takeaways that will go on forever. The only advantage of a Jan. 3rd vote is to get Boeing’s takeaway offer approved (thanks again International). This smacks of voter suppression and is a deliberate move by the International to approve their agenda (who know why they want it to pass so bad).

Just as disturbing is the lack of any details. It looks like Boeing passed one page of bullets and a few lines of revised language (according to the Portland website). No details of on how much health care will cost you AND no real guarantees of future jobs. Why doesn’t Boeing put in writing how many IAM jobs the 777X will bring to Puget Sound? South Carolina required that in their incentive legislation.

The only thing clear in this whole mess is the takeaways. Those are benefits we achieved by sacrificing in the past. Those are benefits we would never recover. And these concessions occur not when Boeing is hurting financially, but when Boeing is making record profits, record backlogs and has the arrogance to vote a $10 billion stock buy back last week to reward shareholders and executives. It’s just not right.

Our 751 reps don’t have answers to our questions because they’re not getting answers either. If they can’t get answers, how can we ever get clarification and answers to what the proposal means. Without answers the only smart vote, is a NO vote. Stick with the contract we have and wait to negotiate in 2016, when the Union can survey us, know our priorities, get financial information from Boeing and negotiate from a position of leverage, so we have the ability to strike.

The question we should all ask is WHY?
Why are the International and Boeing trying so hard?
ANSWER: For Boeing that’s easy: To get concessions because Boeing is already going to build it here OR to break the Union – either way Boeing wins. For the International, who knows. Because they want 10 years of our dues money? Michalski likes drinking champagne with the Boeing execs? Buffenbarger wants to cozy up to McNerney?

With everything Boeing has pulled, why would anyone believe this Company?

No means No. Get every member you know and pass the word to those who are on vacation (and will be in town). We need to defeat this soundly. We have a contract through 2016.

Why We Still Say NO...

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Stand with local leadership! We already said NO! Do not make us vote again! Be heard.

Send emails to:;;

787 deficit...Boeing has to make up the money somehow

Is it appropriate for Boeing to try to make up the $25 billion+ deficit caused by the 787 Dreamliner mismanagement with state tax subsidies and concessions from us? Boeing had every advantage when it launched the 787, but their bad business decisions have ensured that airplane line may never make a penny of profit even by 2024. Was anyone held accountable? NO, they were rewarded with a 20% raise last year just for McNerney (not to mention all the other stock options, pension enhancements and bonuses).

Boeing is trying to recoup their losses on the 787 by extorting it from us. That is what this is about. We’d prefer Boeing just say thank you for all our hard work and skills that ensured the 787 is getting to customers (9 a month from Everett....maybe 1 a month from South Carolina).

Approve it or else....

Boeing told top union leaders when it pushed for the Nov. 13 vote that our state would not be considered unless Machinists accepted the deal (which may explain why Tom Wroblewski attempted to stay neutral. He believed it was accept the deal or else).

A month later, we are still being considered as the front runner to build the 777X. Obviously, Boeing wants to do it here, but wants to extort something from our members. With record profits and backlogs, Boeing’s demands for concessions are too high. We have a contract until 2016, let’s live by it and work toward an agreement we can all be proud of in 2016.

Airline customers, analysts, aerospace reporters and industry folks can clearly see all the advantages are here. $8.7 billion in state subsidies puts Washington far and above the best choice.

Villified for saying NO....Just standing up for what is right!

Since our 2-to-1 rejection of Boeing’s extortion on Nov. 13, we have been villified in the media and by the local politicians for triggering a competition. Others continue to pressure us to accept less when they have nothing personal at stake.

Around the country, those in the labor community and others have applauded our courage to be the group that finally says NO to Boeing’s blackmail tactics and for standing up for what is right. We are still less than 5% of airplane’s cost. Boeing needs to modify their other business decisions that make up the other 95% of the plan.

This contract offer from the company is one of the most destructive and divisive proposals that we, as union members, have ever faced.

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NO MEANS NO! Tell them how you feel (be respectful so your message is heard)

mark johnson
jim mcnerney
ray conner

Tom Buffenbarger

Rich Michaelski

Cell phone not known (if you know, let us know)

Mark Johnson

Cell phone not known (if you know, let us know)

Jim McNerney

Ray Conner
Gov Jay Inslee
ray stephanson
Rick Larsen
John Lovick


Also Email 751 at
so they hear
our message
as well!

Jay Inslee

Ray Stephanson

Rick Larsen

John Lovick


Send these guys a strong message: NO MEANS NO! We have already spoken and said NO to Boeing’s extortion. The people listed above are trying to force us to vote because they believe we will crumble under pressure and agree to destroy ourselves. Call and email TODAY!

Right now they only hear from the 33% who voted yes.

New Talks: Tell Our Union to Stand Strong With Their Commitment

Dec. 11 - All of us are nervous about the news of more negotiations. We don’t know if it is good or bad.

It is always good to talk if it could mean securing the 777X. We are counting on Tom Wroblewski to stick to his word in his message to us last week that said, “any further conversations with Boeing must be based on the idea that we’re building on the contract we have today, not tearing down decades of progress.”

Until we know where this is going, we need to loudly encourage our union to stand strong with their commitment. We deserve nothing less. Stay tuned.

We Spoke Today Loud & Clear - 67 Percent NO

We've proven that we are the Fighting Machinists and in the face of immense pressure from the company with threats to our livelihood and our economic security, we've proven we will not buckle to corporate threats and intimidation.

Never in our history have we ever had so much on the line in one vote. As we all know, this shouldn't have happened, and we shouldn't have been put under this pressure. Today, we stood up and showed that the Boeing Company cannot take our power away.

Now it's time to take a deep breath and attempt the healing process. Tonight was a release of all the anxiety and anger, and we sent the message strongly. Now we need to take a step back and evaluate the path forward and prepare for the battle ahead because we must be united to succeed. As we have seen our pensions, our livelihoods, our health care and anything else we hold dear are all at stake.

The ball is in Boeing's court. We sent them this message. We must be prepared for a decision they may make and understand that if they take the work elsewhere, they are responsible for that decision. We just could not destroy ourselves in order to keep the company from making a decision that destroys union and non-union workers alike, our communities and the investors. We know the best place to build airplanes is right here and the least risk is right here. We stand ready to build the 777X because it's proven that Puget Sound and Portland give the Boeing Company the best chance of success.

This was a big victory in this battle, and we can all be proud. But we need to prepare for the war ahead. Solidarity is alive and well! Now let's get back to what we do best - building the best planes in the world. UNION YES!

View What Buffenbarger Says About Pensions

View video of IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger warning our union members at Boeing St. Louis when they were faced with eliminating the pension for new hires. Where is Buffenbarger now? Why isn't he with us on a proposal that goes much further? His silence is deafening, but the danger to all our future is real!

Letter to Fellow Members

This contract offer from the company is one of the most destructive and divisive proposals that we, as union members, have ever faced. If accepted we would give up wages, benefits, and pensions that were established through hard fought contract negotiations and strikes by generations of Fighting Machinists that came before us.

Local union leadership rejected this, but were ORDERED to bring it to the members. So now it is in our hands & WE MUST VOTE NO!

The threats from the company are real. They could make the decision to locate the 777X outside of Washington state.

Even though most agree that if placed elsewhere the company would not be able to replicate the quality, reliability, or production levels that our highly skilled and efficient workforce accomplish everyday in Puget Sound. However, the company could still make a horrible business decision to locate the 777X elsewhere.

We are faced then with a choice to destroy everything that we have built over generation after generation in order to save the company from making a decision that puts the future of the company, all it's employees (Union and non-union alike) and the stockholders at risk. If the company chooses this path of destruction, then they are responsible for it. That is on them and we, as union members, do not have control over it.

The price is simply too high. Our ability to negotiate anything positive and reasonable would be lost forever. Our membership would be fractured and unable to unite on any issue going forward. So not only would we lose the foundation of our Union we would lose the ability to make any reasonable gains in the future. If we don't stand up to defend these benefits now, then what would we ever stand up to defend ever again. What benefits will be taken next? What would we ever have the power to keep in the future?

Because of this... We must vote no to the threats and intimidation that is before us. We must choose to defend the very survival of our Union.

The company's offer is not reasonable under any circumstances, especially while Boeing makes record profits and has its stock at an all-time high.

The proposed duration would keep us from the bargaining table for over 10 long years. Anything we may hope to address or improve during this timeframe would simply be impossible.

Urge your fellow members to stand up and fight to preserve the building blocks of our Union. Defend our ability to negotiate reasonable gains down the road. Vote No to give us a fighting chance in 2016 when this agreement should be negotiated.

Look at the information on this site (we’ll continue to post new information), get the facts, and tell all your co-workers to VOTE NO.

The one thing Boeing can’t even propose to take away is our solidarity. Don’t let them split our Union – VOTE NO!