Questions & Points from Members



Before we vote, we need answers from Boeing on their proposal. Our questions are growing as more members give feedback.

There are no details on the new savings pension plan. How are the funds maintained? Who maintains the funds? What are the fees? How often can we change funds? We need answers to make an informed vote.

How much money is currently in the pension fund we draw out of.  Who else draws from that same fund?  If we are frozen out of the pension fund,  what happens to all the excess money?  

Why are so many issues ignored on this contract proposal?  Second shift premium, past pension amount adjustments etc.

For all Boeing is asking us to give, why are they not promising all new airplane derivatives for the life of their proposal? If another derviative comes in two years, what will their demand be then?

Where will the tube and systems be built for the 777X?  Members have heard none of the tubes will be built here in Everett, as well as the systems inside it. We heard this has already been agreed to be built elsewhere, is it true?

We used to vote on a new contract every three years, the only card we had to play was a work stoppage if we did not like the contract as a whole. Then Boeing upped the contract from three years to four years, then a four year extension seven months early. Now they want an eight year contract three years before our current contract ends. Where will it end?

How much more will be paying in health care? Seems to be more than double what we are currently paying? Looking at proposed monthly premiums is staggering even without the higher co-pays, deductibles and lowering coverage to 90 percent.

Ray Conner's figure of Boeing paying 84% of health care costs doesn't seem right, is this the same math that thinks a 57 day strike caused a three-year delay of the 787? If you have a hospitalization and pay 10% of that, along with up to $400 for a family monthly premium by the end of contract, what is left to live on?

Can Boeing just come and demand we vote on anything? We have a legal and binding contract that Boeing signed. Why is it legal for Boeing to make these demands?

If we already have a contract that doesn't expire until September 2016, why are we voting?

Do we have language to stipulate no in-between bargaining so we don't have this surprise again in a few years?

Since the hire-in rates aren't moving, won't minimum wage pass some of the lower labor grades by 2024? Is that the aerospace future we want for our state?


"Under the new savings pension plan all lower grade workers will receive considerably less in funding since it is based on gross pay vs the current plan where we all get the same benefit in the end (also new plan we take all the risks with our retirement pension. A few bad investments and we could have nothing). So why would anyone sell this out for $10K today, which is really about $6200 after taxes."

"Boeing's plan is to keep making contract extension proposals full of takeaways, and threatening to lay off or move work if not accepted. Boeing will come back when there is a year or two left on the deal so that we can never threaten to strike. A contract will never expire so we can't strike. Make them bargain when we have leverage, just VOTE NO!"

We need to hold the line cuz we know the only guarantee for customers is if it is built here. Boeing would be stupid to walk away from the billions that the taxpayers are being forced to give them.